Brewing at Dunkin’… A Sweet Taste of Leadership!

In this edition, I will be sharing my experience with an Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet TSgt Sayed Mustanzid Billah Rabbani. I have had the pleasure of knowing this amazing young man for the past four years. He is a well-rounded student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sayed started his career serving his Dunkin’ customers while attending high school at Brooklyn Lab School. Sayed believes he is “living proof that hard work pays off.” He says, “I work just as hard today as I did when I was working my first job in Dunkin’ Donuts.” I spoke to his manager, Mr. Azad Hossain, and he shared that “Sayed works hard and is dedicated to the mission and its people. For example, many times when some of my workers are absent, he comes in to work their shifts for them. At times, Sayed works two shifts in one day, resulting in 14 hours of work”. As a shift leader, Cadet Rabbani is responsible for delivering great and friendly guest experiences. He prepares products according to operational and quality standards and serves with enthusiasm in a clean, fast-paced environment. His hard work is the reason many customers come back for more!

Cadet Rabbani will be attending John Jay College in New York, majoring in Criminal Justice. Once he completes his degree, he plans to become a police officer for the NYPD. Cadet Rabbani feels proud to be an Imam (Leader of the Mosque) like his dad and grandfather in the Ozone Park Muslim Community Masjid. He also teaches young adults the Quran and about religion, leadership, and behavior. Sayed has completed praiseworthy, the degree of memorizing the Holy Quran at 10 years old. He has successfully completed the Quran Recitation at 12 years old and became a Quran reciter.

Cadet Rabbani has been attending many national and international Quran Recitation competitions and won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. He has traveled widely around the world (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Turkey, and India) to participants in reciting rituals, competitions, and official events. He also attends many national television programs and talk shows as a chief guest and, as a scholar. In a short time, he received a lot of public attention and, a huge influx of followers and fans on social media. His dedication and positive influence on Islam have made him a greater leader to the newer generation. It has allowed him to share the connection between human beings’ love and unity.