Juan David Tena’s exhibition celebrates Colombia’s cultural heritage. 

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ORLANDO – Juan David Tena, an accomplished Documentarian, Photojournalist, and esteemed member of the Diplomatic Corps of Colombia, is proud to present an extraordinary exhibition titled “We Know Who We Are.” This immersive showcase invites visitors to delve into the intimate history of Colombia, shedding light on the often-overlooked narratives of indigenous communities, Afro-Colombian culture, and marginalized sectors.

With a notable career dedicated to shedding light on social and public issues, Juan Tena’s life journey has been defined by overcoming challenges and achieving special milestones. [Photo: Al Día Today]

With a remarkable career dedicated to shedding light on social and public issues, Juan Tena’s life journey has been defined by overcoming challenges and achieving special milestones. Throughout his tenure, Juan had the honor of documenting momentous events such as the signing of peace agreements between the Colombian government and the guerrilla F.A.R.C. in Cuba, the Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway, Pope Francis’ historic visit to Colombia, Colombia’s official visit to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, and meetings at the White House with both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Juan’s exceptional storytelling and unwavering commitment to shedding light on social and public issues have earned him international recognition. His work has been published in prestigious publications such as El Pais, Spain, the New York Times, and the Washington Post and on the front pages of Colombian press, such as Semana Magazine, El Tiempo, and El Espectador.

His exceptional skills and experiences at the Presidency led to his appointment as a diplomat in the Consulate General of Colombia in Orlando, United States. In this capacity, Juan effectively utilized his photographic expertise and communication insight to positively impact the Colombian community and foster cultural understanding.

“We Know Who We Are” represents a profound exploration of Colombia’s identity. Through the lens of Juan Tena, visitors will embark on a journey that transcends time and space, revealing the struggles, challenges, and triumphs of the nation’s indigenous communities, Afro-Colombian culture, and marginalized sectors. Each photograph tells a story of resilience, beauty, and unity, showcasing the indomitable spirit emanating from these vibrant communities’ souls.

The exhibition’s core mission is to awaken a collective consciousness, recognizing and honoring the invaluable contributions of diverse communities to Colombia’s identity. “We Know Who We Are” fosters a deeper understanding of the bonds that tie us together and emphasizes each unique strand’s role in forming the nation’s fabric. The stories captured within the exhibition serve as a testament to the power of unity, cultural heritage, and the enduring spirit of Colombia’s people. Even in adversity, the human spirit prevails, shining brightly through those who call this land their home.

“We Know Who We Are” is not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of Colombia’s rich cultural heritage, a tribute to the strength of its communities, and a call to action for positive change. Join us in this transformative experience as we embrace the hidden stories that have shaped Colombia’s identity and stand united in adversity.

Social Mission:

A significant portion of the proceeds from selling the exhibited photographs will be dedicated to foundations in Colombia to demonstrate its commitment to positive change. This partnership resonates deeply with the exhibition’s theme, as it seeks to uplift underprivileged communities in impoverished sectors of Colombia. By contributing to the construction of houses and providing essential resources, the exhibition reflects the strength-in-unity message it portrays.

Event Details:

Exhibition: “We Know Who We Are” by Juan David Tena

Date: 9th of September 2023, 6PM – 9PM

Location: Mills Art Gallery – 1650 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Admission: Free and Open to the Public

For more information, please contact:

Maria Fernanda Saavedra

Arts, Education & Attache of The Consulate of Colombia in Orlando.

Phone +1 (321)946-1867

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About Juan David Tena:

Juan David Tena is an accomplished Documentarian and humanitarian Photojournalist and an esteemed member of the Diplomatic Corps of Colombia. Juan has actively shaped his life journey by demonstrating exceptional storytelling skills and an unwavering commitment to illuminating social and public issues. Along the way, he has overcome challenges and achieved remarkable milestones. Juan’s ultimate ambition is to use communications as a channel to positively affect the lives of those in need in international agencies such as the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, and A.C.N.U.R., among others. He aspires to leverage his strategic communication skills to raise awareness of public and social issues disproportionately affecting marginalized communities.