Family technology use contract

By Renee Ruffin-Price

So that our grandchildren will know that the guidelines we have talked about regarding their use of cell phones, laptops, tablets, and the internet are a serious matter, we are using a family contract as a written tool that we will all sign. The  website provides a free contract example that can be used for electronic devices. Below are a few of the topics noted within the contract: Child Expectations  I understand that using electronic devices and the Internet is a privilege and not a right and that it is subject to the following rules:  1. I will not send hurtful, harassing, or threatening texts or inappropriate photos and videos, or make such posts on social media, gaming networks, or elsewhere online.  2. I will respect the privacy of others  3. I will not download anything without parental permission  4. I will never agree to meet an online friend in person without parental permission  5. I will not take or send a picture or video of someone else without their permission  Parent Expectations  1. I will listen calmly. If my child comes to me with a problem related to online experiences, I promise not to get angry but to do my best to help my child resolve the situation.  2. I will set reasonable rules and expectations for Internet usage. I will establish appropriate consequences for lapses in judgment on the part of my child.  3. I will be reasonable with consequences for violations of this contract.  This link will take you to the actual contract example:

Article submitted on May 1, 2023, to Al Dia Today Newspaper for the May issue, by Renee’ Ruffin-Price, Community Advocate for Children