Mauricio Villa designs “Paso Fino” saddles in Orlando

Mauricio Villa, owner of Kuda Saddlery & Tack, sells a horse rein to Ramón Ramos, a Puerto Rican breeder of Paso Fino horses, at the 2020 New Year’s Paso Fino Festival, held in January in Ocala, Florida. [Photo: AL DIA TODAY]

By Jesika Millano P.
For Al Día Today

WINTER GARDEN – Mauricio Villa, along with his family, operate a business venture that is gaining popularity not only in the U.S., but in several parts of the world.

Villa’s business, Kuda Saddlery & Tack, manufactures saddles for training and competitions.

They also produce reins along with anything else you anybody want related to the world of Paso Fino horses.

The company’s services are now requested in such places as Colombia, Europe and Australia for the originality and quality of its products. 

Villa, a civil engineer, has lived in Florida for 21 years. 

Originally from Colombia, he, his wife, and two daughters arrived together in the U.S. in 1999 after being granted asylum. 

Once settled in this country, Villa discovered that there was a very high demand for saddlery and tack products; he seized the opportunity to make his mark.

That was in 2003. Villa now recalls that he knew nothing about the business when he started but was a quick learner. 

“One day, I attended a leather goods fair and enjoyed seeing everything,” he explained. 

“I noticed that it was a niche that needed more great businessmen. That is how, little by little, I got involved and began to learn. 

“I learned so much that I was able to develop a new product which specifically targeted greater comfort for the horse and rider,” Villa said.

He quickly began making a brand and gaining the trust of his clients. He then achieved a high position in the market for fine crossing and horses of various breeds. 

“I started attending horse shows with my wife where I was able to build contacts and talk to great trainers and veterinary doctors. I relied on their knowledge and followed their advice to create my designs. 

“From each unique experience, I learned how to achieve perfection,” Villa said.

Starting out, all products were sewed with a simple machine. Today, they have the support of three employees who work in production at their workshop located in Tennessee as well as the workmanship of artisans in Colombia.

Kuda Saddlery & Tack are known for their five-star saddles. 

These are their most famed product thanks to their flexibility to accommodate the horse’s back. They are free from pressure points, which results in the good behavior of the horse and greater benefit for the rider.

The store, located at 1331 Green Forest Court Suite 10 in Winter Garden, not only stands out for its equine line, but also for its products for riders. 

The store offers a high-quality decoration line, and its fur skins, a product that can only be found at Kuda Saddlery & Tack in Central Florida.

The family-owned business has its own website where customers can see the products and make purchases.