Lesson from Nature

By: Ana Díaz
Guest Columnist

Great leaders take lessons from everything around them, including nature. When witnessing the journey of a momma sea turtle, I reflected on her actions and could see the clear leadership lessons from this beautiful moment.

1. Know your purpose. For the sea turtle it is ensuring the circle of life. What’s your purpose? Define it and set goals and strategies.

2. Stay focus on your goal. For the sea turtle it is laying those eggs and protecting them the best she can. Set your strategies and stay focus on them.

3. No matter how heavy your load may be, don’t give up. You can do hard things. I have no clue how the sea turtle does all she does with this heavy shell on her back all the time, but that is the only life she knows. Embrace your reality and know that challenges are part of the journey.

4. Know you are not alone. Accept the help of others with humility. Another nest not far away had already hatched. A gentleman found a few strangling babies and he places them in the sea. Others come along to help you in your journey, sometimes you will not even realize they are there.

5. Trust the process and relinquish control. When you must walk away do it with confidence. Control is based on fear and not love. Love it enough to let it grow.

May we all be as focus, as confident, as humble and tenacious and as brave as the sea turtles. Great leaders root their work in great love.