Carolyn Lugo specializes in Dominican straightening techniques

Carolyn Lugo beautifies Madelyn, one of her clients. For Lugo, Bonita Hair Salon is much more than a beauty salon. Her mission is to continue empowering women by giving them a makeover which helps them glow. [Photo: For AL DIA TODAY]

Por Jesika Millano

Entering Carolyn Lugo’s beauty salon is like coming home. She always welcomes her clients with open arms. 

With her scissors, Lugo marks the trends of each season and can create drastic changes in appearance such as going from very long to short hair, dyeing hair a bright color, and straightening curly hair.

“I always wanted to be a hairdresser because it was a career that my mother instilled in me,” recalls Lugo. “Her passion for the world of beauty inspired me.”

Her career as a professional hairdresser began in 2009, three years after she arrived in Melbourne from the Dominican Republic.

“I came to the U.S. to reunite with my father, but I was also chasing the dream of having my own beauty salon. I focused on that and, while working at McDonald’s, I went to a beauty school in the area,” Lugo explains. 

“When I finally had my diploma, I went to work in a hairdressing salon. Four years later, I was able to become independent and opened my own salon: Bonita Hair.”

Bonita Hair is much more than a beauty salon for Lugo. 

Her mission is to continue empowering women by giving them a makeover that helps them glow. All of this is possible thanks to her experience and the trust her clients place in her.

Several things make Bonita Hair stand out from the competition: professionalism, the salon team’s combined years of experience, and a high-quality standard of hairdressing and aesthetics. Most importantly, the salon team prides itself on personalized attention to detail and creating a positive atmosphere.

“Knowing how to interpret the needs of clients is not always easy, but good communication is key,” Lugo said. 

“We always guarantee a great cut, color, or straightening, and we never rush our work. We understand that beauty is the first impression that people will leave on others, so we strive to do an excellent job.”

The philosophy of Lugo and her team is very simple: to work with passion, love and respect for her clients and to give them what they need.

Bonita Hair Salon, which is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, is located at 4865 N. Wickham Road, Suite 101, in Melbourne. 

Lugo, along with her five stylists, offers the latest techniques in everything from hair loss treatment to cut and color. A bilingual-speaking salon, the team also specializes in hair straightening. 

“Our specialty is the Dominican blowout, a technique that allows hair to temporarily become straight, starting with an appropriate shampoo and deep conditioning with heat protector before gently drying and ironing the hair,” Lugo says. 

“As a result, the hair will be absolutely shiny and silky,” she adds.