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Human Performance Improvement, Stop Dreaming Start Desiring!

By: Gabriela Schaar Ford, EdD
Guest Columnists

Words like “productivity,” “quality,” “efficiency,” “effectiveness,” and “maximum performance” are glorified and make us believe that the Universe has the responsibility to provide. Yet, wishing will not become riches; rather adopting habits towards … Read More


Ten Caribbean iconic sights

By: Georgina Cruz

Cradle of cultures and legends, the Caribbean Sea is filled with islands that boast iconic sights: panoramas that by themselves justify the cost of a trip. Here are 10 of our favorites —to enjoy during your next … Read More

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New year, new hope

By Ana Díaz
Guest Columnist

For the start of the new year, we often reflect on what we wished we would have done diffe-rently or better. Many people set goals that will help to improve their physical appearance. To help … Read More